Type With Touch school courses includes:

  • Weekly group lessons within your child’s institution, either before, lunchtime or after school clubs.
  • Weekend and evening sessions at Kingston University campus. 
  • Private sessions, targeted for special needs individuals or those who would prefer a more individualised support.
Each session will include lessons, spelling, speed tests and games from which you can learn to type step by step, follow your individual progress and have fun!
The course has been designed to work your way through touch typing keys, punctuation, shift and numbers without looking at your hands from your first lesson. You will be putting your typing into everyday context and transition from the learning software to a word document. You will complete typing tests throughout the program and at the end of the course to earn your Type With Touch certificate.


"Thanks to Hind's tutoring sessions, my daughter can complete her homework faster and with more accuracy and therefore produced to a higher standard, and more importantly, touch typing has raised her confidence because of these other benefits."
"Hind's one o one sessions had a great impact on my son's education. he is now able to type with speed and the content of his work is better than what he can get down on paper."
parent of a dyslexic son
"My Daughter's dyslexia made her handwriting poor as well as slow. Thus, her school suggested using a laptop from the following academic year. Signing up for Hind's course has truly made a difference in my daughter's learning and education."
parent of dyslexic daughter
"During her time at Typing’s Cool Ltd, Hind has negotiated access to suitable premises for her tutoring sessions. She has liaised with schools and parents and earnt their trust and recognition of her professionalism as a tutor. She has developed the insights and skills to work with a wide range of abilities and age groups, from Key Stage 1 to adults."
Company Director
"Hind has always been very patient and passionate about helping kids and adults to improve their typing skills up to 90% Accuracy and 30 Words per Minute(WPM)."
(Touch typing tutor